18 Ways to Use Mussar Blues

Of course there are more, but 18 is enough for one post.

  1. Loop it on your phone or pocket music player.
  2. Sing along with the recording; sing it without the recording. 
  3. Sing it while you walk, bike, run, or drive. 
  4. Sing it in the shower. 
  5. Sing it in a Mussar group. 
  6. Sing it with your students, your children, or your parents. 
  7. Sing it over and over. 
  8. Sing it like you mean it—with intensity and emotion. 
  9. Clap your hands, move your feet. 
  10. Sing the whole song, or just a fragment. 
  11. Speak the words aloud, even without singing the melody. 
  12. Write down new meanings of the words as they occur to you. 
  13. Modify the words to fit your situation. 
  14. Sing it to learn about a middah / soul trait. 
  15. Ask yourself a question about a middah, and sing it until an answer or solution bubbles up. 
  16. Sing it as a pep talk before a challenge. 
  17. Sing it in triumph after rising to a challenge. 
  18. Sing it to pave the way for different behavior in future challenges.

© Rick Dinitz, 2018 

Photo by Katherine Chase on Unsplash

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