I Won't Let Anxiety Stop Me


I won’t let anxiety stop me from doing
What I know that I must do.



Trust  בטחון  Bitachon 
Courage  אומץ לב  Ometz Lev 
Worry  דעגה  Da-agah 
Responsibility  אחריות  Acharayut 
Alacrity, Enthusiasm  זריזות  Zerizut 

​​​​​​ Sources

Alan Morinis, Everyday Holiness, Trumpeter, 2007. 
Zelig Pliskin, Taking Action, Shaar Press, 2008, p169.

Reflections on this Song

Feeling inadequate. 
Overwhelmed by the task before us. 
Nervous because the stakes are high. 

These kinds of anxiety can paralyze us—or send us racing off in the wrong direction. 

When anxiety or worry presents an obstacle to action, bitachon [trust] can be a way around that obstacle.  I use this song as a musical pep talk to activate trust, to boost enthusiasm, to restore courage, and to counter feelings of worry that can prevent me from fulfilling responsibilities.


I Won't Let Anxiety Stop Me. Tackle that challenge.

I won’t let anxiety stop me.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash