Take Time


Take time.  Be exact.  Unclutter the mind.
Take time.  Be exact.  Unclutter the mind.
Take time.  Be exact.  Unclutter the mind.
Take time.  Be exact.  Unclutter the mind.
Take time.  Be exact.  Unclutter the mind.

Order creates inner alignment, peaceful and prepared.
Order creates inner alignment, peaceful and prepared.



Order  סדר  Seder
Patience  סבלנות  Savlanut

​​​​​​ Sources

R’ Simcha Zissel Ziv (the Alter of Kelm).
Alan Morinis, Everyday Holiness, Trumpeter, 2007, p87.

Reflections on this Song

As I see it, the Alter of Kelm advises us on three aspects of the middah of order. In his words I hear echoes of Pirkei Avot, which records several such three-part comments about related aspects of a big topic. 

Take Time   Chaos creeps into our lives in so many ways, and it takes time to make order, maintain order, or restore order. The Alter insists that we must make that time, regularly, for this important activity. It might seem inconvenient. We might imagine we have more pressing tasks to accomplish. Yet he counsels us to take that time anyway. Regular and frequent maintenance is not glamorous, yet it is essential.
Weed out the junk and remove it. Put away those possessions. Keep my space neat. Prioritize my activities, and give each one the time it deserves—no less, and no more. Get a grip on the tasks that encroach on my priorities. Eat breakfast.
Take time also tells us to be patient—in all we do, say, and think. If "haste makes waste" then perhaps we could also say "patience proceeds properly."

Be Exact   Stick to the schedule I’ve made for myself. Stick to the tasks I’ve assigned myself. When I speak, think well before I open my mouth, and say precisely what I mean to say—even if that introduces an uncomfortable pause between someone’s question and my answer. 

Unclutter the Mind   Disorder creates physical clutter, and also mental and emotional clutter. I probably don’t even realize how much it detracts from clear thinking and speaking.
So clear up my stuff and my space. Let go of distractions—if need be, banish them from my life. Learn to clear my head, quickly and effectively. Learn to think about one thing at a time. Don’t multitask. 

I have a long way to go.

Order Creates Inner Alignment   Alan Morinis reminds us that order can center us, and be a springboard to positive action.


Take Time. Stars make earth's rotation visible over time.

Take time. Be exact.

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash